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A rare occurance
August 13, 2009, 3:09 am
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If you know me it’s no suprise that Nas is my favourite Hip-Hop artist.

I’ve mentioned in the past to Matt and Afran about how Nas is one of those kind of illusive artists that you rarely get a glimpse of actually in the studio working. On the contrary there are many artists that might as well be sponsored by isight.

To go in the studio, and produce great music, without the cameras, without the vblogs, it really lets what should matter speak for itself. I like that in an artist, especially one as ludicrously talented and praised as Nas is.

This video is a recent collaboration with Nas and a young producer C- SIck in the studio putting together Film.

It’s an amazing track and It’s awesome of Red Bull to put together such a great opportunity.

To hear Film in its entirity and download it check it


Some kinda Interview on Subjects such as Sketches of a Man
August 13, 2009, 2:53 am
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Dwele is an amazingly talented R&B/soul singer, songwriter and record producer from Detroit, Michigan. He grew up listening to such Motown artists as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis and Roy Ayers, since becoming a life-long fan and even a spontaneous collaborator. He started writing at the age of ten, using it originally as an emotional vent after dealing with a tragedy in his family. After briefly attending Wayne State, Dwele left college to pursue his own passion for music while working full time.
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Survival Skills with The BDI MC, Buckshot
August 13, 2009, 2:13 am
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halftime12_buckshot has once again given me an amazing opportunity and I can’t thank them enough.

Buckshot and I spoke about his recent full collaboration album with KRS ONE’s Survival Skills, His issues with the Rock the Bells tour, some of his favourite MC’s in the game and what to expect in the future.

Although it may be a bit of a read, there’s some great inspiration for up in comming artists and true fans of Hip-Hop.

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