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The 18th Letter..Forever
July 14, 2009, 5:28 pm
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The God Rakim has been tempting hip-hop fans for years with his anticipated return with the 7th seal.

He has recently shared some thoughts surrounding the new project and his return as the G.O.A.T

“The seals are from the Bible – Revelations and the coming of the Apocalypse…The Lion of Judah breaks the seven seals one by one, each imparting knowledge and inflicting catastrophe, ending with seven trumpets announcing the end of Times…I want to do that: to spit fire and take our best from the ashes to build our kingdom; to recognize all the regional styles, conscious lyrics, the tracks, underground, mainstream, the way we treat each other. Lose the garbage and rebuild our scene…I don’t accept that the new generation is looking for anything different than what we’ve always been looking for. Depending on the moment, they want bangers that make them crack their neck…Every generation wants that real hip-hop. And I’ve always been able to bring that.”


Must Listen: Charles Hamilton
July 14, 2009, 5:10 pm
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I’m usually pretty quick to rule out somewhat newer artists as I’ve been let down on multiple occasions givin todays’ hip-hop climate and the types of content being produced.

After hearing DJ Critical Hype’s The Art of Slaughterhouse mixtape I was determined to find out who produced the original beat for Royce’s “I owe you” (verses from Death is Certain)

I couldn’t get to the bottom until I came across the answer in Charles Hamilton’s Brooklyn Girls. After some more research not only did I discover that Charles Hamilton despite his rather unorthodox flow is a beast on the mic, he’s also proving to be one of my favorite new producers. A lot of hip-hop fans frown on sampling but I’m a huge fan. Charles is creative, unique and very much worth a listen.

Charles Hamilton is 21 years old on Interscope and has released 9 mixtapes to date (I believe). He’s extremely talented musically as a whole and is definitely an artist to watch for in the future.
If you get a chance I suggest you pick up The Pink Lavalamp, Well…Isnt this awkward and Outside Looking.

“When I sample, I’m not just doing it to sound good. I’m trying to tell a story. To convey an emotion. If I sampled it, there is a reason I sampled it. I believe that music is based on moments, and that there are some moments that people may have missed back in the day. They may have even missed it a year ago. When I sample, I’m giving the artist their respect, while simultaneously creating something new”

Sorry Anyone/Whistle Tips
July 14, 2009, 3:57 pm
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Hey Every/Anyone.

I wanted to apologize for being non-existent on my blog over the last couple months. I’ve told myself many times I’d get back into it but have been somewhat preoccupied.

Occupied with what you may be thinking?

I got a new job working for a upincomming recording artist out of Toronto named George Casey. My job description is very loose but I’d consider myself a “jack of all trades” when it comes to advertising and promotions both online and in the streets.

It isn’t exactly where I thought I’d be at this stage in my life but Its becoming more and more comfortable. I get to write, and be surrounded by the music industry that I’m loving dearly. Working full-time and being paid is definately a change in pace, but that’s something I’ve enjoyed getting used to. Other than working full-time I’ve been collaborating closley with a couple Hip-Hop websites that I feel are going to become major contenders in the market within the near future. (launching soon). Apart from that I’ve been doing some freelance writing for real estate & photography when there’s time to dedicate. So I’ve been somewhat busy with work/freelance/my amazing girlfriend/friends/family etc. but will be getting into the swing of things in no time.

I’m hoping to keep up on posts over the next month or so as I will be on a computer for 8+ hours a day.
As I mentioned in my first post a while back, it’s about time I start adding something to the internet as apposed to leaching off it everyday.

So here’s another youtube great that my brother showed me that has since become a saying around my house and beyond.

Whistle Tips Whoo WHOO!

Reporter: “Some neighbors have said that It’s just way too loud”

Bubb Rubb: “….that’s only in the morning, arnet they supposed to be up cooking breakfast or something? That’s an alarm clock.. WHOO WHOOO!