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Eminem- 3AM/Relapse Trailer
May 1, 2009, 2:26 pm
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I don’t want to get in too deep on what it is I think about Eminem’s newest single and promo trailer for the album.
Let’s just say I’m less than impressed and actually disappointed In the moronic voice he puts on for the track. I would honestly prefer auto-tune to this german/indian/whereever/whatever he’s trying kind of voice he’s been exercising.

Pisses me off that some one with so much talent, resources, money and following could once again “open hand slap his fans in the face”

UGH, check it out if you havent already.

This promo is pretty bad ass. Very motion picture.

Aftermath is famous for doing these types of trailers. Eminem’s Relapse has garnered extensive hype around the new 3AM video.

“Cinemax exclusively debuts the latest, never before seen, uncensored music video from rap star Eminem, on Saturday, May 2 at 10pm ET/PT. The music video for 3 a.m., the third track to be released from Eminems forthcoming album, Relapse, was directed by Syndrome”

I wanted to include this video for all you fans.
This is true Eminem on stage doing his thing with Big P in New York.


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And just when you thought white rappers couldn’t get worse :

Comment by Matt

I didn’t see Pun in that video

Comment by Anus Snot

It looks like he is gonna use that accent on the whole album, I’m still buying it though, it probably won’t be as good as Marshal Mathers LP, Slim Shady LP or Infinite but it will definitely be good.

Comment by Anus Snot

hes not using an “accent” he is enunciating and putting emphasis on syllables differently its called wordplay.

anyway, 3am > that video prestyle

r.i.p proof

Comment by emwun

I must of missed the memo, you showed me…

Comment by scottboniface

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