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April 21, 2009, 1:43 pm
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Always Sunny In Philadelphia

My personal favorite show in this crazy word. The brilliant comedy and character-to-character interaction is to be praised. This show really does set the pace for any other comedy. 4 Seasons out now with a reported 2 more to drop on FX in the future.

The show centers around the life and times of Mac, Sweet Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank. They own and operate the worst bar in Philadelphia but would never admit it. The shit these guys get into will have you giggling for days.

This show’s hilarious moments replay in my mind frequently. Their jokes seem to relate to everything in life someway or another.

This is a must watch show in my opinion. If you like to laugh (and who doesn’t) then check it out ASAP.

I hope to one-day punk Afran and Matthew with the same swagger and stang they showcase in every episode.


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Bring it on dun.
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