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Paying Respect!
April 21, 2009, 1:47 pm
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I’ve been leaching off the Internet for years now and have never really given anything back. Here’s my chance to show you some of the websites/blogs that I visit daily in hopes that you’ll do the same.


Anthony Kalamut- A View From An Ad Guy

A Blogspot to inspire, nurture and motivate new young talent.

Jett Landicho

Jett’s a really smart guy from my Creative Advertising Program. He has an amazing head on his shoulders and is one to watch in the future. He’s going places, find out where and why here.


Miss Info covers hip-hop stories and articles with humor and a touch of that insider’s edge. She’s usually the first with the hard-hitting news, and even when she isn’t she eventually covers them in a smart and respectable way.

The Berrics

If you know anything about skateboarding you know that the Berrics is way more popular than you.


If you’re a hip hop fan you can get lost for hours, if not days on rapbasement.
Sometimes I just sit there and read people’s comments on recent released tracks and news. Some are st8 thug fo’ realz.


If you love advertising as much as I do this site will occupy you for far too long. Do your best not to get caught up in the guest commenting game. I also wouldn’t suggest posting your work; you’ll get ripped to shreds more than likely.

I have an idea!

Advertising’s Intellectual Archive.
This site is another great resource for everything advertising.

Setareh Lessan

I’ve been following a blog on from a young writing intern in Toronto like myself and it really has improved my day to day. She’s an amazing writer that make’s you want to keep reading. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be huge one day.

Check out her portfolio


I am a HUGE fan of Jay Smooth’s Vlog work and you should be too. He gives some of the smartest and most well thought out opinions and views on hip-hop culture I’ve ever heard. I would subscribe if I were you. There’s always something to learn from Jay Smooth.

I’ll be posting new and cool websites that I find interesting as they come. For now, Enjoy!


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What a great site – I love reading some of these blogs..! Your message utterly made my day. There’s no better inspiration for writing than something like that.

By the way, I was thinking to myself that you’re not on my facebook 🙂

Comment by Setareh

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